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Automatic calculation of Celestial body position and of Angle

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Data Input

Date of Birth, Birth Time input

please enter your (or of partner) date of birth and Birth Time.

If you don't know birth time (be the center of the one day) Please enter 00 minutes at 12.

In that case , each chamber(house) cusp (boundary)
move 1 degree by 4 minutes ,and for it will pass in two hours one constellation,

result in Cusp table (rise Constellations, boundary of each chamber(house) and ASC etc) is not helpful.

also, Because the position of the moon move 1 degree with about 2 hours,
the position of the moon is may be a maximum deviation } 6 Degree .

For example, Enter Born 12:00
if the moon are displayed as 27.5 degrees of Aries

If born at 0:00 that day,
at minus 6 degrees from 27.5 degrees, the Position of the moon is Aries 21.5 degrees

If born at 23:59 that day,
at plus 6 degrees from 27.5 degrees, the Position of the moon been Taurus 3.5 degrees

Constellation of the month, may be of both Aries and Taurus.

also enter born 12:00
if display the 2.5 degrees of Taurus,

by The time of birth of actual,
position of the moon will be between to the 8.5 of Taurus from the 26.5 of Aries.

the constellation of the month is the potential both to the Taurus and Aries .

if enter born at 12:00 for don't know the birth time
to The displayed moon frequency,
do of 6 degrees plus or minus ,
if it is not greater than 30 or less than 0
Constellation of the month, the constellation that is displayed can be determined.

if enter 12:00 to the birth time
if Constellation of the month is between 24.00 degrees to 6.00 degrees of each constellation,
the constellation that is displayed can determined.

Boundaries of other each chamber(house) and rise constellations,
planets other than the moon is by slow moving ,each celestial display is correct.

Of course, you entered the latitude and longitude and the exact birth time, you can get detailed data.

if Born in the afternoon, plus 12 hours please.
(For example,If born at 3:00 pm, please enter 15:00)


Enter latitude and longitude of place of birth

Please select your place of birth.(For persons born in Japan)

Regional input of Birth:

If you know the detailed place of birth,
In the map or WEB check , please enter the latitude and longitude correctly.
(If you use the latitude and longitude are on the "Regional input of Birth"
Please do in the regional state of birth.

The most regions of the world can be calculated!

Search longitude and latitude from address, city name or landmark name

Longitude:East Longitude degrees Minute@(West Longitude, enter by a minus value<->)
Latitude: North Latitude degrees Minute@(South Latitude, enter by a minus value<->)
(If latitude is For more than 65 it may not be calculated. please do not enter.)

Aspect setting tolerances

allowable Aspect angle , "level" set .(3 degrees 30 minutes, type 3.5.)
Unless you have special needs, please leave it in this setting angle of the Default.
the symbol of an aspect is the contains a unique, please understand.

}degrees (conjunction)
= 30
}degrees (semi-sextile)
= 45
}degrees (semi-square)
= 60
}degrees (sextile)
p = 72
}degrees (quintile)
= 90
}degrees (square)
}degrees (trine)
}degrees (sesquiquadrate)
}degrees (quincunx)
}degrees (opposition)
a = dc
}degrees (parallel)

After entering the required fields, please press the button below.

Your celestial positionEBoundary of each chamber(house)(House)EAspect(Angle between the celestial)

Position table of the celestial
@@Position"Degrees, Minutes," has been displayed.
@@The final R represents a Retrograde.
Only if the birth time is known,Data in the cusp table is Valid.
Rise constellations is the constellation of the first chamber(house).
Cusp table
First chamber(house)yASCz
Second chamber(house)
Third chamber(house)
Fourth chamber(house)yICz
Fifth chamber(house)
Sixth chamber(house)
Seventh chamber(house)yDSCz
Eighth chamber(house)
Ninth chamber(house)
Tenth chamber(house)yMCz
Eleventh chamber(house)
Twelfth chamber(house)
@@Angle= "Degrees, Minutes," has been displayed.

Aspect Table
Angle (number) after * Q a ... if such sign is displayed,
Means any acts good luck or misfortune between the two planets.
@@:0Emphasis :30Easy :45hard :60Easy p:72Easy :90hard
:120Easy :135hard :150hard :180hard a:parallel

@@Angle, "degrees" are displayed on.
@@If the table is off screen, please decrease the font.

Encouraging. Thank you.

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